Our grandfather Francesco Armani and our father Ivo Ferrari have always believed in quality and they have handed down to us their experience and motivation which we still privilege today in our choices of production.
The legs come from heavy pigs born and bred in Italy ; the product is selected following strict and restrictive regulations of the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma . Our branch consists of a limited circle of good suppliers who allow us to obtain constant production quality.
Ten points distinguish the production of Armani & Ferrari Parma Ham: selection and first trimming - salting - preresting - second trimming - resting - washing - drying - precuring; fatting and curing.
Once our Parma ham has been branded at the 12th month its curing is prolonged for up to 16 ( etichetta Rossa ) and 18 months ( etichetta Nera ).
For generations we have continued to commit ourselves and follow the rules handed down to us in order to offer you every day a product of excellent quality.
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